ICAR S.p.A. is synonym of capacitor from 1946, coniugated over its multiple applications. All along ICAR has believed in the quality of its products and in the strength of the International regulations for the achievements of the high performance standards required for capacitor in industrial applications. Nowadays ICAR is one of the few companies able to manufacture capacitors starting from the raw material up to the fi nished product; the entire process is checked in order to obtain a product of high quality level that guarantees its functioning even in the most burdensome plant confi gurations. Today ICAR produces diff erent type of capacitors, from the lighting and single phase motor types to the ones for power electronics (electric traction, industrial services) and those of medium voltage. The various characteristics demanded to these products in terms of electric, mechanical and thermal stress, enabled to fi nd technical solutions that have been applying in other fi elds with interesting results: for instance the optimization of capacitors for special applications enabled to fi nd very strong solutions that have been then applied on power factor correction capacitors. The production of the dielectric fi lm (polypropylene or special paper), the metallization process, the production of the capacitor and the construction of the power factor correction banks are fully executed within companies of the Group; that guarantees the achievement of the highest quality standard weather of the metalized fi lm or, consequently, the capacitors manufactured. Furthermore, the knowhow acquired in almost 50 years of metalized fi lm production, has enabled ICAR to realize absolute innovative products like 3Ut range of capacitors. Used to deal with International markets ICAR faced the requests of the strictest Certifi cation Bodies and was awarded UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 Certifi cation, ICAR periodically takes part to CEI/ IEC committees for the compilation of the product regulations, aimed at setting the objective criterions to evaluate capacitors performances and safety. It’s constantly in the vanguard and able to anticipate the regulations requirements; in order to ensure the accordance with the International regulations and the most strict customers acceptance criterions, products are submitted to tests in the internal laboratories (where it’s possible to test capacitors up to 700 μF and voltage up to 80 kV) and in the greatest internationally recognized laboratories (CESI). Everything is performed for the safety of the customer who entrusted a reliable partner with a pluridecennal